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We are dedicated to providing you with competent and courteous service. Unlike other local, corporate franchises, we are a family-owned and operated business. What this meant to you is that Champion stands behind you.

A valued customer’s satisfaction is what we strive for. We take pride in personally knowing our repeat customers!

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Our amazing reviews

Great car wash, gets the job done.

—Jacob C.

The staff was very friendly and the car wash did a great job. I love the free towels and glass cleaner. I definitely be back!

—Joseph M.

Love this place! Great service, great hours, and the automatic car wash works so good! I have a monthly membership and really get my money’s worth!

—Coda B.

Adding more and more value. Great wash for reasonable price.

—Marc S.

Great friendly service!

—Janice S.

Everything worked well and satisfied with the price it took to thoroughly vacuum and wash my daughter’s car. Always go there.

—Q. T.

There was a girl name alancia I believe, she was very professional & polite ! I watched her clean a few cars in front of me & she does an amazing job ! Keep her I like her & I left her a tip 🙂 !

—Kearra Y.

For the convenience and money, it’s a great place to clean your ride

—John K.

I am a car enthusiast myself, I hold my cleaning standards highly. This was a nice car wash with a very nice staff.

—Keenan M.

It is a nice clean car wash

—Anton P.

It’s so nice to be able to drive through the car wash and to get the job done as well as it is here. Also, the prices are great!

—Lisa L.

Always courteous and polite. I’m always satisfied with my car.

—Khay W.

Favorite carwash in town!! Staff is always friendly!!

—Peyton T.

VERY friendly and helpful attendants – unexpected for a a “drive-thru” car wash. Quick, easy, reasonable.

—Scott S.

High powered wash. Got my car extremely clean and the vacuums actually worked!

—Bevin B.

Excellent place for quick car wash and they towels as well if you need to wipe after wash along with free vacuum

—Syam T.